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You'll find I'm very opinionated about things that affect the sale of both new and resale housing. Because of that and to establish credibility with you as a sales and marketing professional, I'd like to tell you my story.

Following is a brief outline of my experience, the work spanning five-decades from which my opinions and programs have grown.


Sellers / It's my intention to get you more money for your house than anyone believes possible in today's market and, possibly, more money than anyone has ever gotten before for a house like yours in your entire area or neighborhood; and it's my intention to do it quickly: to list, sell and close within ninety-days irrespective of your experience to date or what you may personally think or feel about the market.

To do that I have to do some Extraordinary Things and a few ordinary things, but in an Extraordinary Way. The Pillars of Success of any great marketing effort are (1) Strategic Planning (2) Intentioned Activity and (3) Records to substantiate effort and progress.

My agendas for doing these things are (1) The Talking Points / A twelve point agenda for turning slow-sale real estate into fast-sale real estate and (2) The Fast Sale Marketing Worksheet / An individualized (a) Marketing Program (b) To Do List and (c) Activity Register for implementing the talking points agenda customized to meet selling needs or situations specific to your property and its locale.

Top of The Mark Appraisal / I look forward to sharing my fast-sale marketing agendas with you with you with a new "Top of The Mark" appraisal in hand. Each is a Supernova of Sales Activity made up of Bold and Enterprising Programs that move through the market like Juggernauts (unstoppable forces that crush whatever are in their path) always focused on doing First Things First and on keeping The Main Thing, The Main Thing.

The Main Thing of course is getting your count up, meaning your body count: targeted buyers that preview your property per the Secret of Success, Item #2 on the Talking Points Agenda. Knowing exactly who your buyer will likely be (a buyer predisposed to region, area and locale) and what to expect per The 49-to-1 Rule (that you can expect to receive at least one offer than can be negotiated to success out of every fifty buyers that preview your property) is paramount to success. All programs must follow these foundation principles. You have to know where you're going to get there.

Radiant Outreach Marketing / It’s not likely we’ll cover each item on these agendas when we visit, but we’ll look at some of the highlights, World Outreach Marketing for example, a radiant-outreach full-participation network marketing program that skyrockets the potential for a fast sale by reaching out to “Rich Overseas Buyers” and “Locals with Means” per Russell Conwell's Acres of Diamonds principle of sales and marketing. Radiant Outreach Marketing has an outline and agenda all its own: The Extra Mile.

Sale by Auction Marketing / We also can look over my unique Sale-by-Auction program. Utilizing it, it’s not uncommon for a home owner to put a home on the market by auction with me that has been for sale for six months, a year or even longer and then to sell it within six-to-eight weeks irrespective of the price of the home.

With this program I give sellers an edge on competition in the market by making their home the first one a buyer will look at if they want to buy in their area: the value-buy message inherent to selling by auction demands that. We sometimes use it for the reverse purpose: to sell for more money than the asking price.

By executing the programs shown on these outlines – one following another until we get the results we want – we’ll draw both buyers and agents to your property like metal shavings to a powerful magnet in greater numbers than any other program on the market. Up your expectancy, good things are going to happen.

Experience Counts.

Everybody Starts Somewhere / For me it was about thirty days after birth. By that I mean about a month after graduating with a degree in Education from San Jose State University, historically known as San Jose State Teachers College, May of 1975. Beginning teachers at that time earned less than $15,000 a year. That didn't interest me nor my wife (we married while in school) so we moved home to Orange County the day after graduation. I studied for a real estate license, passed the test and joined a sales company in Whittier.

The Broker put me to work knocking on doors, thousands of them, prospecting for buyers and sellers. I started at the bottom, in the street, but have always been thankful for the experienced I gained beginning that way. It is the foundation upon which all our programs for assertive grassroots sales and marketing at Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing and Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing are built today.

The Whittier Board of Realtors had just over 2,350 members at that time. I worked hard to outsell each of them my first year in the business. Even though I didn't get a whole year in, I came in 3rd.

Ambitious and restless I began the new year (1976) with a move to Huntington Beach, got my Broker's license, started my own company and joined the Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley Board of Realtors. I continued to work as a listing and selling Broker. During that year I still didn't make #1, but I was designated the 5th highest producer among just over 3,500 Realtors.

Other minor but enjoyable distinctions of the time are that I was the youngest Broker-member of the Board of Realtors and the youngest owner of a national franchise real estate office in the nation, Realty World California Previews. I'm not the youngest anymore (thank goodness).

Then I Began Working with Builders / It was just prior to my third year in the business that I began buying and selling homes for an investor that was also a builder. One of many projects he built was a 98 unit condominium development in Santa Ana called Cambridge Green. We discussed the project occasionally, but not with the objective of my handling sales. I was, after all, to use his words "a little too young and raw" for the undertaking. I didn't disagree.

He hired Walker & Lee (the largest development sales company at that time) and an advertising agency to handle sales and marketing, but they had problems selling right from the start. So after a few months of trial and error he asked me for ideas. I gave him ten ideas hand written on a yellow piece of paper. Half the ideas were sales oriented, the other half marketing. I then boldly informed him that his project would succeed if he followed my advice and that his project would fail if he didn't. It was just intuition based on my experience up to that time. I also suggested he give the ideas to both of his agencies for their use, free, but under my breath recommended he let me implement them for a fair and reasonable percent of the sales prices.

We had a good laugh.

The executives at Walker & Lee and his ad agency thought my ideas were unprofessional, even laughable, as I remember. They said the ideas had come from someone who just didn't know. Well, I didn’t know that they weren’t right and whether my client did or not I'll never know. Whichever the case, he fired them and hired me. While setting up the sales office ten days later, Friday evening the night before I was to begin, my predecessor, Walker & Lee's top agent happened by to see what I was doing that was so different and after a good look told me in no uncertain terms that I would surely fail. To tell you the truth, I didn't know that she wasn't right as well.

As it turned out, they and she were wrong. My staff and I sold seven homes our first weekend on the project and approximately that many every week until sold out (they hadn't sold any in weeks). You can guess what happened. Other builders began asking me to work for them. I liked that and soon added New Home Sales to my portfolio of real estate oriented sales and marketing services.

That was over three-hundred "Sold Out" projects ago, each personally listed, overseen and closed out, and many more upon which I consulted regarding the sales and marketing process: countless thousands of units throughout southern California, the U.S. and Canada.

Go to Builder Sales and Marketing (.com) to overlook my builder-oriented sales and marketing programs, services and history. 

I am Proud to
Have Sold Most Every Type
of Housing.

I am proud to have successfully sold most every type of housing: entry level, middle range and high-end homes and condos; custom homes; estates; ranches; land; lots; mobile homes; mobile home lots; manufactured homes; stacked housing; senior housing and master planned communities; both new and resale.


In respects to marketing, even early on I was rarely satisfied with the strategies advertising agencies -- hired by builders -- undertook to bring buyers to the projects I was selling. Most agency owners, I found, had never sold real estate for a living and their account reps were usually 23- or 24-year old laymen that hadn't even yet bought a house.

In spite of that these were the people assigned the task of designing my sales and marketing strategies: ads, signs, brochures, multilevel referral programs (rarely), efficacious broker co/op programs (never), splayed signage (what's that), grassroots press (tilted heads), international emissary sales and marketing (your kidding), by auction programs (how), story-boarding (what would we say), etc. These also were the people staging sales and marketing sessions with my clients: people without the slightest sweat-earned ideas of what I/we really needed to succeed, especially in a troubled market.

Experience Counts / It's not the end-all, but it's close. Sometimes the winning difference between one recommendation or another, one plan or another, one ad or another can seem nominal and subjective or, even, insubstantial to a casual onlooker or inexperienced observer. The hard-to-see winning difference between one plan or idea conceptually might only be, maybe, a minor two-percent twist to this or that in the overall scheme of things; admittedly, a small difference. I call it "The Two-Percent Difference."

Imagine, though, running a multimillion dollar thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby and coming in second by a nose. The winning difference between the finisher and the loser isn't much, but the rewards, well, that nose, that extra two-percent can be worth millions. Close is not good enough.

Essentially, I am talking about value judgments. Who decides or can decide or even knows what the two-percent difference -- the winning difference -- is relative to this or that, the many issues essential to a successful real-estate-oriented sales and marketing campaign is the issue. I am confident it is only someone with a great deal of experience specific to the task at hand.

To ensure "The Two-Percent Difference" for my clients, I began doing total project marketing (sales, advertising and merchandising) myself. You may be surprised to find, I hope in a positive way, that the graphic arts that make up the Web sites representing the Real Estate Professionals' overall program, including the Seller Services Portfolio, were created by my hand. I enjoy hands-on graphic arts and writing but have never pursued these interests outside the sale and marketing of real estate.

Go to Seller Services Portfolio (.com) for a snapshot overview of the Real Estate Professionals' resell-oriented sales and marketing programs, services and history.

At any rate I took to marketing like I took to sales. I linked and unified the two disciplines into one. What emerged over time was a total sales and marketing process I call "Fail-Safe Marketing, The 100% Solution."

Then an Interesting Thing Happened / I started sliding programs I created for selling new homes to resales (pre-owned homes in older neighborhoods) and back, modifying and blending the two even though they are distinctively different markets. I realized I was having unique experiences in "Marketing" that virtually no Realtors were having, that I was successfully creating what I now call "Bold and Enterprising Sales and Marketing Programs" for selling newly built homes in the largest projects and master planned communities irrespective of the conditions of the time, place or locale and that I could do that here and there at will: here in new homes and there in resales.

You may have seen me state -- a few places -- that you can get anything you want in real estate if you realize they are gained by bold and enterprising sales and marketing. It's so true. There's really no such thing as slow-sale real estate, only slow-sale marketing. Virtually all properties listed with me -- because of bold and enterprising sales and marketing -- become the first-sellers or top projects among all competition within their respective regions; even properties and projects that were dead-in-the-water prior to my taking over sales and marketing.

Let Me Reiterate One Thing / All the while this builder-oriented sales and marketing activity was going on I pursued the hands-on sale and marketing of resale housing (focusing on the high-end) as well.

During my five-decades of hands-on high-end sales and marketing I've developed a number of methodical systems for selling all types of housing, both new and resale irrespective of the conditions of the time, place or locale and have created California's only effective sale-by-auction program for resales used by Realtors known as The Fast Sale Auction hosted at The Fast Sale Auction (.com). It's been endorsed by top people in the industry and successfully used throughout the state to sell hundreds of properties in all price ranges: mostly properties that had been on the market for long periods of time but unsold until using this program (for sellers sensitive to "Sale by Auction" we sell by Bid).

I also market to what I dearly call Rich Overseas Buyers with a unique program exclusive to our company and execute proprietary net/work marketing programs par excellence that skyrocket the potential for a fast sale. Net/Work because effective network marketing is a sweat-equity hands-on activity requiring real effort week-in and week-out contacting what I call Open Doors for sales leads, referrals and collaborative advertising agreements -- to extend reach -- with attention-getting promotionals and participation rewards that far exceed the mere posting of properties on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Myspace, LiveJournal, Foursquare and the like (these don't compare).

Among the activities that makeup our net/work marketing strategies is a particularly bold and enterprising multi layered program I call The Extra Mile. With it I have sold homes and lots now reaching into the thousands, when combining both my new and resell activities, that often were unsold expired listings of other agents prior to my taking over the sales and marketing effort. Be sure to ask for it when we meet.

In Conclusion.

Trying to figure out what it is about my work or self that resulted in the broad range of experience and success I've enjoyed in real estate when so many, hundreds of thousands of agents, have come and gone during my time in the business, I have come up with this.

With me it's always been about the work, the listing and the selling, being overjoyed about every phase of it: the business development work; the listing work; the marketing work; the selling work; the closing work; working with staff, clients and customers; the detail work; even (especially) the paperwork. My goals and objectives were always -- and continue to be -- about the work: wanting to get the work, to do the work, being in the work, persisting with the work, etc. The money, success, the things I ostensibly wanted always followed, but it's the wanting to do the work, getting it, and being in it that got it.

When interviewing a prospective associate for my company I ask what their motivation or ambition is. I seek to discover whether they are merely money motivated or if they truly want to do the work. Those that succeed, I know, are those that want to be "in" the business, every phase and detail of it every day. It's they I seek to hire and to work with.

The Best Part of the Work is the Responsibility Itself / The best part of the work is when I am given the ball and expected to make the big score: the strategy, gambits, moves and maneuvers; the hits, rebounds, scramble and score. It's all very exciting. I look forward to sharing Success Stories, a program outline I call Talking Points, and the extraordinary features of my program that fall under the category of The Extra Mile with you when we meet.

The Pillars of Success of the Real Estate Professionals' program are (1) Strategic Planning (2) Intentioned Activity and (3) Records. Altogether, a supernova of activity, planned, executed and accounted for by your listing broker. Working closely with me, Your Listing Broker, that's exactly what you will get week-to-week until we sell your property at the top of the market and get you to where you want to go: the Noble Cause underlying our intentioned activity and efforts.

What I Am Doing Today.

Today I continue to list and sell houses as an active resale Broker and I continue to work with builders. My unique expertise or specialty, you might say, is turnaround sales and marketing for home owner and builder alike. With one or more of my various programs I turn slow-sale real estate into fast-sale real estate. I bring the winning difference, the two-percent difference, to the table.

I am not bounded by area or locale, but conduct hands-on sales and marketing for home owners throughout southern California and for builders anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Once implanted locally, within any particular locale, I, in no time at all, make the house or project I am working on the main local attraction and I, myself, the dominate local agent and center of influence in the local market. My programs, unique and proprietary, draw both buyers and agents to my listings like metal shavings to a powerful magnet or bears to honey: deal-making becomes the modus operandi.

I also am devoted to helping other agents succeed whether associated with my company or not and to ensuring that my company, Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing, is the most effective boutique real estate company worldwide -- Thinking Big is Always Part of the Win/Win Formula -- recession-proof sales and marketing are found here.

Platforms for what I like to call "Reach" can be perused within the Agent Profile on the sidebar to the left.

There's more, lots more I would like to share with you, but there must be a limit to how long or detailed a personal profile should be. Whatever the standard, I'm sure I've reached it. I would enjoy meeting with you whether Home Owner, Builder, Broker or Agent to share more and to discuss your unique situation and needs.

How to Do Business with Me.

That's the Easy Part / Call any time to talk with me or to an initial contact Marketing Partner associated with my company that may have called on you to represent our program. That's it. We'll plan a visit and go from there.

Oh, yes, one more thing, back to years one and two, 3rd and 5th, you remember. Following that I have oversold my colleagues and competitors many times over, coming in first in sales within the regional boundaries of a number of different Realtor Associations in southern California. I strive to continue in that vein today.

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